Common Audi Problems

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Common Audi Problems

Potential Issues You Should Watch for in Your Audi

Audi Uh-Oh to Audi Okay

When you purchased your new or used Audi, perhaps you weren’t aware of the most commonly reported problems with the manufacturer’s line. Don’t panic. Every make and many models have “something.” As the adage aptly states, knowledge is power. If you have an awareness of what to watch for, you can catch small issues before they become large ones. For all your Audi service and repair needs, count on European Auto Werks in Glendale Springs, Colorado. We’ll help you turn your Audi uh-oh into Audi Okay.

Common Reports

Unquestionably, the Audi is a fabulous vehicle. Even so, every line has a little bug here and there. One of those for the Audi company is electrical issues. This most often manifests itself as lighting problems. You may notice lights that seem to brighten and dim or tail lights that stop working. Fortunately, lighting is usually an easy fix. If your vehicle is a newer model, check to see if your repairs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, owners have noticed a frequency of timing belt troubles. All timing belts wear over time, so this is not completely unanticipated. The best practice is to have your Audi serviced regularly. Timing belt wear can be detected and corrected early, preventing a break that could necessitate much more extensive and costly repairs. Some models have a timing chain. Though these rarely wear out, a tensioner problem can allow the chain to become loose or break. That, too, can lead to extreme damage, including catastrophic engine failure. Technicians also advise that you watch for oil leaks in Audis. They, of course, keep tabs on this potential problem when servicing your car, but you should be mindful between visits. If you suspect an oil leak, have your auto repaired sooner rather than later. Oil leaks in some models can worsen rapidly, allowing your car to lose its vital lubricant. Also, dripping petroleum fluid can cause a fire or ruin expensive electronic components. Tune-ups using high quality spark plugs are important. Failing spark plugs are another Audi complaint that could leave you with a disabled car that won’t start. If you begin hearing odd noises, check and replace CV boots as needed. These can sometimes tear. If left unaddressed, the encased joints will lose grease, become dirty, and/or wear. The result will likely be replacing the entire joint as opposed to the outer boot only. Finally, be mindful of airbag recalls. This is not specifically an Audi issue. Rather, many models across manufacturers fall under the Takata brand airbag recall.

Your Local Audi Repair Shop

Whatever your Audi service or repair needs, help is just down the street. European Auto Werks has been assisting customers just like you since the mid-1980s with keeping their Audis in great shape and on the road for a long time.

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